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This is Yle

Finland's national public service broadcasting company

Yle (Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company) is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. What do we do and why?

Press releases

Yle to reform its television services

Yle's Administrative Council approved the plan 25/10/2016.

Yle Areena will offer even more television content, while Yle will maintain the quality of its traditional TV channels. Yle Teema and Yle Fem will share a channel slot on traditional television. On 25 October, Yle's Administrative Council approved the plan on Yle's television channel reform and on the development of the Yle internet player Yle Areena.

Yle is to take a big leap towards an internet based television at the same time traditional broadcasting will remain strong

Yle to take a big leap towards an internet based television.

The Finnish Public Service Media company Yle is about to take a big leap to live up to the audience's changing media habits and and technological developments. Yle wants to increase its tv-services on the Yle internet player, Areena/Arenan and at the same time go down from 4 tv broadcasting channels to 3.

Yle, Qualcomm and Nokia Announce World’s First Demonstration of LTE Supplemental Downlink in a TV Broadcast Band

The solution prepares Europe for 5G media delivery.

LTE Broadcasting together with ordinary LTE unicasting offers tv-delivery platform to serve the Finnish audience on various screens ranging from big tv’s in living rooms to personal devices when on the move. The technology solution together with EU Commission proposal for UHF Flexibility prepares Europe for 5G media delivery.


Gunilla Ohls: Yle adapts to fast changing media-usage

Our children, the next generation, are the drivers of change

Media consumption has quickly become mobile. Your personal mobile device feeds you with a constant stream of stimuli – more than you could possibly ever delve into. In Finland four out of five consumers have unlimited data plans in their mobile subscriptions, which encourages video content consumption.

Jari Lahti: Personal Yle – Public Service Media at its best

Our vision is to offer the best personal user experience.

When media content - video, audio and text - is available all the time, what will you watch, listen or read at any given time? Rest assured, we have a recommendation for you. Content discovery has always been an issue for media publishers, and it is more important than ever in the current mobile media environment (infographics).

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Yle brand, visual image and logos

Instructions for using the Yle brand and logos

Detailed instructions for using the Yle brand and logos. You may also download logos through the links.

Yle Archive Sales

Yle Archive Sales offers collection of Finnish content.

In need of Finnish content? Yle Archive Sales offers a collection of almost half a million TV programmes and films.


Annual reports

Yle publishes several reports yearly, where the company tells more about it's business during the year in question. In the report it reveals for instance more about Yles economic state, and how it uses the funds it's given by the finns, about it's meaning to the Finnish people and Yles position in the media field. It also accounts for how it's obligations by law have been fulfilled during the year in question.