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Yle Sales brings Finnish tv-programs available worldwide

Yle Sales Pics of Yle sales programs yle sales

See all the sales trailers at Vimeo.

Yle Sales bring a selection of Finnish programs available for tv-channels and other media services around the world.
Our International Sales catalogue holds more than 100 titles of high quality programs, whether it' s documentaries, children's programming, lifestyle or Finnish tv-drama. Programs are presented to international buyers at the main tv-markets around the world.

New Relases 2016
Sales Catalogue 2016
New Releases 2015
Sales Catalogue 2015
Sales Catalogue 2014
New Releases 2014
Sales Catalogue 2013

Please contact us if you wish to screen the whole program.


Maria Kivinen maria kivinen

Maria Kivinen
Sales Executive
tel. 358 40 544 2404
Мария Кивинен
Представитель Yle на международном рынке, в частности в России
Конт.тел. 358 40 544 2404

Katriina Mattila katriina mattila

Katriina Mattila
Content Specialist
tel. 358 40 733 7066

Tuija Snellman tuija snellman 2

Tuija Snellman
Business Development Manager
tel. 358 40 830 7022

Jukka Kaivola jukka kaivola

Jukka Kaivola
Head of Sales
tel. 358 400 446 881

Yle at MIPTV 2015 together with our Nordic neighbors SVT and DR Yle at MIPTV 2015 miptv
  • Gunilla Ohls: Yle adapts to fast changing media-usage

    Our children, the next generation, are the drivers of change

    Media consumption has quickly become mobile. Your personal mobile device feeds you with a constant stream of stimuli – more than you could possibly ever delve into. In Finland four out of five consumers have unlimited data plans in their mobile subscriptions, which encourages video content consumption.

  • Anssi Komulainen: Yle Beta is an incubator for future media experiences

    Yle is inviting you on a quest for something new.

    Yle Beta kicks off with AI content recognition and by exploring the possibilities of VR for events and conflict journalism. Because we intend to be a part of the media landscape in future, we have to to participate in the game right from the beginning.

  • Jari Lahti: Personal Yle – Public Service Media at its best

    Our vision is to offer the best personal user experience.

    When media content - video, audio and text - is available all the time, what will you watch, listen or read at any given time? Rest assured, we have a recommendation for you. Content discovery has always been an issue for media publishers, and it is more important than ever in the current mobile media environment (infographics).