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TV Finland is a digital television satellite channel directed primarily towards Finns living abroad. The programming is compiled from domestically-produced quality material supplied by YLE’s channels and the commercial MTV3.

TV Finland has already been available for twenty years in the areas of Sweden with a strong Finnish-speaking minority population. Transmissions to these areas will continue as before.

For the remainder of Europe, direct reception of the TV Finland signal requires an dish antenna, a digital receiver-decoder, a CA-module and a smartcard. In additon to direct satellitereception TV Finland can also be seen through local cable-tv stations in Sweden, Norway and in Estonia.

For viewers of all ages

TV Finland transmits roughly 110 hours of programming weekly during the autumn and spring television seasons. In the summer months the output is slightly smaller, since the three channels supplying the programme material also cut back on their airtime during the long light summer days. The programme package is very diverse and offers something for everyone.
TV Finland supplies viewers wishing to keep up with events in the north and worldwide with several news bulletins daily in both Finnish and Swedish.

More information
Programming and scheduling details for TV Finland (in Finnish and Swedish) can be found from the Internet at: programs

Technical details:
To receive the signal you need an antenna dish, a digital receiver-decoder, a CA-module and a smartcard. To watch the programme you can utilize a normal TV-set with a SCART-connector.

The DTH-satellite transmissions come from the orbital position 1 degree West, they are MPEG2/DVB-S-coded and the encryption utilizes the CONAX CA-system.


Frequency: 12418 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol rate: 28000
FEC: 7/8

Teletext open all hours
The YLE Text-TV service runs 24 h/d and requires the teletext-facility in the receiver. And outside normal transmission times, the TV Finland viewer can receive a compilation Text-Tv window that is regularly updated, with Radio Finland programming to de heard in the background.

In addition to the tv-service there are two digital radio channels YLESAT1 and YLESAT2. The reception of the radio programmes is free of charge and does not require the CA-module and the smartcard. Futher details on

TV Finland
tel. +358 9 14801
fax +358 9 1480 3388
mail: PL 66, FIN-00024 Yleisradio

Subscription and techincal issues
Further details on how to order and pay for satellite programming can be obtained from:

ConNova TVX
Custom service
Puh: +46 141 203 920
Fax: +46 141 203 911