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Angry Birds wife stays true to cause

Teija Vesterbacka, wife of Peter Vesterbacka, who heads Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds game, donned an evening gown to the President’s Independence Day reception that left no question as to the source of her inspiration.

Teija Vesterbacka and Peter Vesterbacka
Teija Vesterbacka and Peter Vesterbacka Image: YLE

The twittersphere erupted with comments about Mrs. Vesterbacka’s dress on Tuesday night.

Reaction to the dress was mixed, with comments ranging from “Definitely too much” to “Awesome!”

The New York-based Fashionista blog was impressed with the gown:

"Considering the inspiration, we have to say the dress is surprisingly glamorous and chic," wrote the site. "We’re kind of in awe, actually. Let’s just hope Vesterbacka doesn’t come across any self-satisfied pigs, though. Then all hell could break loose."

International media including The Los Angeles Times and the technology news site Mashable have also reported on Mrs. Vesterbacka's unique wardrobe choice.

Peter Vesterbacka, dressed in tails at the formal event, is usually never seen in public without his red Angry Birds hoodie. But this time, his wife was the walking logo of the pair.

Birds, birds everywhere

Different versions of the game, in which birds are catapulted at pigs, have been downloaded more than 500 million times. Rovio has been quick to capitalise on its success, opening an Angry Birds merchandise store in Helsinki last month and planning a film, TV series and various other spin-offs.

Angry Birds fever has spread throughout Finland too, with the distinctive company talisman slated to become the mascot for the Ice hockey World Championships to be jointly hosted by Finland and Sweden next May.

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