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Ash Cloud Expected Over the North

Ash from Iceland's Eyjafjöll volcano may cause problems in the airspace over northern parts of Finland this coming weekend.

Turistit katselevat purkautuvaa Eyjafjöll-tulivuorta
Turistit katselevat purkautuvaa Eyjafjöll-tulivuorta 10. toukokuuta. Image: ORF

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is forecasting a shift in winds that could bring a cloud of ash over the north starting on Friday.

Forecasts of the movements of the ash cloud are still tentative, but projections over the past three days have indicated that it will move into northern Finnish airspace within a few more days.

Earlier this week, ash from the volcano again disrupted air traffic in parts of western Europe, forcing airport closings, for example, in the UK and the Netherlands.

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