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At least three dead and five missing in light aircraft crash in Jämijärvi

A small passenger plane carrying parachuters fell near the Jämijärvi Airfield in the Satakunta region of southwest Finland, killing at least three. Five other passengers are still unaccounted for.

Map of Jämijärvi.
Jämijärvi is situated 70 kilometres northeast of Pori. Image: Yle

Three people are confirmed dead after a light aircraft carrying parachuters fell to the ground in the vicinity of the Jämijärvi Airfield.

Several people were on board the plane when it crashed. Five are still missing at this time. The daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has reported that eight people are feared dead, but the police have yet to confirm this information. A search operation has begun to determine the missing persons' whereabouts.

The accident occurred on Sunday before three in the afternoon. Rescue services has located the wreckage and put out the flames.

The Jämijärvi Airfield is one of the largest parachuting centres in Finland, home to a light aircraft club and parachutist club from Tampere and a second parachuting club called the 'Jämi flyers'.

The police have announced they will hold a press conference on the crash Sunday evening at 9 pm.

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