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Dudesons Land Multi-Million Dollar MTV Deal

A foursome of hyperactive, self-styled Finnish stuntmen, The Dudesons, has signed a multi-million dollar deal with the US music channel MTV. The Dudesons, known as the Duudsonit in Finnish, are known for dangerous stunts, wild pranks and inflicting pain on each other.

Duudsonit pellolla.
Image: Rabbit Films

MTV is giving them a budget of six million dollars to produce twelve episodes, which they've already begun filming in the United States. The new show will be called The Dudesons in America.

The Dudesons' own production company, Rabbit Films, is doing the show with the co-operation of Dickhouse, a production company set up by Johnny Knoxville, who rocketed to fame with a similar series of his own, Jackass.

"The Dudesons have balls where there should be brains and I am honored to be doing a show with them," Knoxville says on the Dudeson's official website.

"We still come up with all the episodes ourselves; we're doing things our way," says long-time Dudeson Jarno Laasala.

The Dudesons are one of Finland's most visible and recognizable entertainment brands globally. Rights to the previous three seasons of The Dudesons series, which originated on the Finnish commercial channel Nelonen, have been sold in more than 50 countries.

Late last year, the American TV channel National Geographic Adventure bought the rights to another Finnish show starring brash young men and in-your-face humour, the travel show Madventures.

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