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Embassy: No Finns believed to be among victims in Norway

According to information available to the Embassy of Finland in Oslo on Saturday, no Finns were among the victims of Friday's attacks in Norway. Counsellor Satu Suikkari-Kleven did note, however, that final confirmation of the identity of the those killed and injured had not yet been released.

Palomies tuhoutuneiden rakennusten keskellä.
Image: Øijord, Thomas Winje / EPA

The Embassy has continued to stay in close contact with Norwegian authorities who are identifying victims of the attacks.

"Apparently, people in Finland have been able to contact their relatives. The phone networks have been functioning. During the evening, officials requested people to refrain from unnecessary calls to prevent the networks from being overloaded," said Suikkari-Kleven.

According to Counsellor Suikkari-Kleven, people in Norway were especially shocked by the news of the number of victims of the mass murder at the youth camp. She decribed Oslo on Friday evening as being in a state of emergency with streets near government buildings closed.

"There is just nobody out. It is a sad looking city."

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