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Finland claims U-17 bandy world championship

The Finnish under-17 team has won the world ice bandy championships in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Suomen Markus Kumpuoja ja Kazakstanin Andrei Morokov taistelevat pallosta.
Finland's Markus Kumpuoja and Kazakhstan's Andrei Morokov battle for the ball. Image: AFP / Lehtikuva

The young Finnish Lions downed the host team by a score of 7-5 (1-3). Tuomas Määttä led the scoring with four goals. This is Finland's first under-17 bandy championship since 1979, when the tournament was held in Helsinki.

The Finnish men's team meanwhile lost to Kazakhstan in the bronze on Sunday by a score of 3-6 (2-2) in Vänersborg, Sweden.

Host and title holders Sweden meet Russia in the final -- the same finalists as last year. Yle TV2 will broadcast the match beginning at 6pm Sunday.

There were six teams in the bandy tournament, all Nordic or Eastern European countries.

Bandy, which originated in Russia, is similar to ice hockey except a ball rather a puck is used. The sticks are also rounder and the players less heavily padded.

Apart from a Finnish win in 2004, all the world championship titles since 1957 have been won by Sweden, Russia or the Soviet Union.

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