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Finland soon home to 5.5m inhabitants

Newcomers are the main drivers behind Finland’s population growth as fewer babies were born last year than in 2011.

Lapissa syntyi vuonna 2012 1803 vauvaa.
Some 8,000 more births than deaths were recorded in 2012.

Seventeen thousand more people moved in than out of the country. Last year more than 30,000 people immigrated, with some 23,000 of them foreigners.

On balance, Finland’s population grew by 25,000 people in 2012, shows preliminary figures from Statistics Finland. If this trend continues, Finland will hit 5.5 million residents by the end of 2015. At the end of last year, the country was home to 5,426,000 inhabitants.

Around 59,500 new Finns were born last year, a drop of 500 from 2011.

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PM: Time not right for Finland’s NATO membership

Alexander Stubb hymyilee.

Speaking on Yle TV1’s morning show Ykkösaamu on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb says now is not the time to decide on Finland's potential NATO membership. Political and financial turbulence in Russia and the upcoming Finnish elections in the spring are among more pressing issues, and the PM does not have any difference of opinion on Finland's foreign and security policy with the President Sauli Niinistö, says Stubb.

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