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Finland takes steps against illegal immigration from India

Finland is introducing new measures to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking from India. In July, the Finnish embassy in New Delhi will get a new staff member who will verify the authenticity of documents submitted by visa and residence permit applicants.

Rajavartija tarkastelee hänelle ojennettua punakantista passia.
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Illegal immigration from India to Finland is on the rise, and sometimes Finland is used as an entry point to Europe as a whole. The Foreign Ministry, the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Immigration Service are planning to address the problem by sending a border guard to the Finnish mission in New Delhi.

According to the Finnish embassy in India, the border guard will have plenty of work. The mission in New Delhi handles residence permit applications in numbers only exceeded by the consulate in St. Petersburg.

The embassy also processes visa and residence permit applications from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and the Maldives.

It is seen as a great advantage that the new staff member specializes in investigating document forgeries, since that will be among the border guard’s tasks.

Finnish embassy attaché Anne Myllymäki says that the mission currently spends a lot of time trying to verify the authenticity of documents.

The Finnish authorities already have an employee carrying out similar tasks in the embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The authorities are considering establishing a similar post at the mission in Nigeria.

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