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Gallery: Best weather pictures of 2012

With four distinct seasons, Finland moves from dark to light, icy blizzards to midnight sun. Check out our photo gallery for 100 weather snapshots of 2012.

The frostiest temperature of the year was measured in Inari in the far north on February 6, when the mercury plunged to a bone-chilling -42.7 degrees Celsius. The year's heat record took place on July 30 in Lieksa, eastern Finland, on July 30.

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Thursday’s papers: Wall to wall Microsoft, Talvivaara shutdown not a slam dunk

Thursday’s print dailies devote extensive real estate to dissecting the decision by software giant Microsoft to shed more than 1,300 jobs in Finland, particularly the impact on the cities most affected by the job cuts. Papers also note that the government’s call to pull the plug on publicly-funded life support for the troubled Talvivaara mining operation isn't necessarily the start of the mine's final chapter.

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