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Inquiry into Police Actions Prior to Kauhajoki Tragedy

Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said that prosecutors will launch an investigation into police actions surrounding the Kauhajoki school shootings. The Minister said it would be the best way to get an impartial insight into the event.

The Prosecutor General has in turn called on Satakunta district prosecutor Timo Luosma to conduct an inquiry into the case.

The district prosecutor will determine whether local police violated their official obligations in handling the firearms possession case involving the gunman who went on to kill 11 persons including himself.

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief Mikko Paatero said the investigation will be conducted by the office of the Prosecutor General. The Police Inspector who questioned the gunman on Monday is currently on sick leave.

Paatero said that the officer had followed official procedure during the interview and arrived at a conclusion that he would probably differ from today.

Paatero reminded journalists that there are as many cases in which police confiscate firearms. He added that officers evaluate the suitability of license applicants to carry side arms. Paatero said that currently no more precise guidelines exist for granting firearms license, apart from the judgment of police officers.

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