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Kahuajoki Investigations Continue - Photos Published

Criminal investigations will continue at the Kahuajoki campus of the Seinäjoki Vocational High School over the next few days. Detectives from the National Bureau of Investigation KRP will also conduct interviews over the weekend. KRP officers will next provide an update on the progress of the investigations on Monday, if new information comes to light. KRP officers have also stepped up their oversight of the Internet. Web users who find online content related to the Kauhajoki video threats, are being asked to either inform their local police or the KRP e-mail hotline which can be found at the website: Police have taken photos of the crime scene as part of their investigations and officers have also mapped the classroom where most of the victims died. They've also recorded photographic evidence of the hall and one room from which the gunman fired shots into the air. All Victims Identified

Police have also identified all the victims involved in the incident. Chief Investigator Jari Neulaniemi said the final identifications were made during Thursday night.

"The identities have been established on the basis of dental records and DNA samples and positive matches have been made for all victims," said Neulaniemi.

The lead detective said that police will not publicise the names or origins of the victims. He added that autopsies will reveal whether the cause of death was shooting or the fire lit by the attacker.

Police are also studying the computer used by the assailant in order to try and pin down a clear motive for the violence.

Police are investigating 10 cases of murder. Altogether nine students died during the attack - eight female and one male. One male member of the school staff was also killed. The gunman also shot himself and succumbed to his injury later Tuesday evening.

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