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Majority of Finns Stand Behind Interior Minister Holmlund

An overwhelming majority of Finns say they want Interior Minister Anne Holmlund to continue in office. A survey by pollster Taloustutkimus for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE found that only eight percent of respondents thought the Minister should resign, while 82 percent felt she should continue in office. Just about one-tenth of respondents were undecided on the matter. An even 500 respondents were interviewed between Wednesday and Thursday, and the poll returned a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points. Respondents were asked whether or not Interior Minister Anne Holmlund should resign in the wake of the Kauhajoki shooting incident. Left Alliance and True Finn Supporters More Critical

Those more in favour of Holmlund's resignation included supporters of Parliament's smaller political parties, the Left Alliance and the True Finns. One quarter of party faithful from smaller political groups would prefer to see Holmlund go. Slightly less than one-fifth of them were from the Left Alliance and the True Finns.

Only one-tenth of SDP backers would want the Minister to step down; more than 80 percent felt she should carry on her mandate.

Among supporters of government partners the Centre Party, the National Coalition Party and the Swedish Peoples' Party, 90 percent would see the Minister maintain her position.

Regional analysis showed that respondents from eastern Finland were most critical of Holmlund, with 14 percent opposed to her staying in office. Mature respondents were also more likely to call for Holmlund to step down - 13 percent of 50 to 64-year olds. There was no difference in opinion about the Minister based on gender.

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