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Metro services resume after accident

Services on Helsinki's Metro came to a halt for about an hour on Monday morning after one person was hit and killed by a train at the Itäkeskus station.

Metrovaunu saapumassa asemalle.
Image: Yle

One person died after being hit by a Metro train at the Itäkeskus station at around 8 AM on Monday morning.

All Metro services were suspended following they incident, but resumed soon after 9 AM.

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Municipal, public sector unions threaten to pull out of competitiveness pact

Lapsia luokassa tunnilla.

Unions representing local government and public sector workers have threatened to torpedo the government’s competitiveness-building pact if it doesn’t roll back planned cuts to municipal funding. In a letter sent to the government triad on Monday, the workers’ representatives said they won’t show up for next Monday’s signing of the expansive labour market deal if the government doesn’t cross out the austerity measures from next year’s budget proposal.

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