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Kongolainen Pancrace Ruzindana saapui pakolaisena Seinäjoelle 2,5 vuotta sitten. Hänen ryhmänsä jälkeen Seinäjoki ei ole vastaanottanut uusia pakolaisryhmiä.

South Ostrobothnia decides to close its doors to refugees

The western Finland region of South Ostrobothnia has decided to phase out its refugee intake programme by autumn 2016. The region’s largest city, Seinäjoki, has hosted people from Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the past, but local politicians have now decided to discontinue acceptance of refugees in a bid to save money. According to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, South Ostrobothnia is the only region in Finland that has made this decision.

Fitch Ratingsin toimisto New Yorkissa.

Fitch changes Finland’s economic forecast from stable to negative, retains triple-A status

The Fitch credit ratings agency has revised its outlook on Finland's long-term foreign and local currency status from stable to negative, but has affirmed Finland’s creditworthiness at 'AAA', the top rating. Of the two other agencies in the ‘big three’, Moody’s also decided to keep Finland’s premiere status late last year, but Standard and Poor’s docked Finland’s credit rating to AA+ in October 2014.