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Alexander Stubb, Juha Sipilä ja Timo Soini hallituksen vuoden 2016 talousarvioneuvotteluiden loppuinfossa valtioneuvoston linnassa Helsingissä.

Govt in internal tug-of-war over proposed financial reforms

The administration appears to be divided over a proposal to introduce a new securities register. Tabled by National Coalition chair and Finance Minister Alexander Stubb, the plan would allow Finns to own securities through foreign registries, effectively shielding ownership from local bodies such as the police, the media and tax authorities. The position of coalition member the Finns Party appears to be closer to that of the opposition SDP than to either of its government partners.

Ulkoministeri, perussuomalaisten puoluejohtaja Timo Soini puhui Työmiehen tuumaustunnilla Helsingissä perjantaina 25. syyskuuta.

Finns Party's Soini: Leaving govt would be irresponsible, create political crisis

Finns Party chair Timo Soini has poured cold water on a suggestion to convene a crisis meeting to consider quitting the administration over the refugee crisis. The call to resign from government came from Sebastian Tynkkynen, a former Finns party youth leader and current third vice-chair. Soini said that leaving the government now would amount to deserting the front and would plunge the country into political crisis.