Academic: Disputed theory used in child custody cases violates child protection law


A university academic is taking child protection authorities to task for using the controversial concept of parental alienation to place children in care. Tampere University Social Work Lecturer Anna Metteri says that the theory requires officials to ignore children’s views in custody cases, because they are assumed to be manipulated by one parent. Metteri says that approach clashes with child welfare laws, which call on officials to listen to children. Yle News spoke with one mother affected by the conflict between an unproven theory and established legislation.

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Kai Mykkänen

Wednesday’s papers: Ministerial reshuffle reactions, health bosses slammed, loading up for midsummer

Most of today's papers look into what Petteri Orpo's selection of ministers will mean as the new leader tries to claw back support for his National Coalition Party. Turun Sanomat reports on the health watchdog's damning verdict on Turku authorities’ attempt to cover up allegations of misconduct inside a geriatric facility. And papers are gearing up for the holiday weekend, with advice on everything from how to load your car to when to stock up on midsummer booze.

Anne Berner

Auditors' report slams Transport Minister for "inappropriate interference" in state-owned Finavia

Transport and Communications Minister Anne Berner has rejected the findings of state auditors, who determined that the ministry interfered in the actions of state-owned airports operator Finavia. In a report released Tuesday, the National Audit Office accused the ministry of "inappropriate interference" in the company's efforts to bring legal action against former managers for risky investments that eventually resulted in losses of 34 million euros.

Länsimetron kiskoja kesäkuussa 2016.

Nearly all cancelled Espoo bus routes will be restored to compensate for metro delay

Public transport officials in the capital city region have scrambled to restore bus lines that were scheduled to be discontinued August 15, after contractors responsible for the metro line's expansion to the west announced a week ago that the launch of eight new stations would be postponed indefinitely. They now say that 90 percent of the bus services serving Espoo will be reinstated, but cannot yet say which routes in particular.

sotilaita ajoneuvon edessä

“Avoids implying Russian threat”: Reactions to government security report

Opposition politicians in Finland have come down largely in support of the foreign ministry’s new foreign and security policy report, approved for consideration of parliament by the centre-right government coalition and the president’s office on Friday. Plans to increase bilateral cooperation with Sweden in the near future were especially praised across the political spectrum. Experts noted the careful wording of the report, which stressed maintaining a dialogue with Finland’s neighbour to the east.

Timo Soini

Soini: Finland "will deepen cooperation" in face of changing security situation, NATO option still open

Finland will be looking to intensify international cooperation in the face of a rapidly changing security environment, says Foreign Minister Timo Soini.  As he delivered government's security policy report on Friday, Soini said that a central development driving the analysis has been Russia's annexation of Crimea and its actions in eastern Ukraine -- and noted that NATO membership was still an option for Finland.