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Friday's papers: Basic income trial next year, Finnish troops to Iraq, and MPs say no to Finnair privatisation

The much-discussed plan to try out a "citizen's wage", where every resident receives 600 euros a month from the government, is in the spotlight in Helsingin Sanomat today. Elsewhere, Finnish troops and advisers in an anti-Isis coalition in the Middle East will be closer to the front line than ever before, and MPs tell pollsters that they're mainly against selling off the national airline, so as not to endanger the right to fly through Russian airspace.


Wednesday's papers: Russia doping reaction, Cuban volleyball rape case, and where to recycle that fridge?

Reactions to a damning report into widespread, state-sponsored doping among Russian athletes fill many of this morning's papers - with one suggesting that a new Helsinki Olympics could provide just the clean break the sporting world needs. Elsewhere, there's an update on the case of six Cuban volleyball players being held on suspicion of rape in Tampere, and rquestions over whether laws promoting recycling of electrical goods are making enough of an impact.