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Tuesday's papers: MP's own 2.6bn euro budget cut ideas, Kesko CEO on threat of foreign chains, and sauna is good for your heart

A look at Tuesday's newspapers feature an MP's effort to start a conversation about how to improve Finland's fiscal fitness. Also, the new CEO at retail giant Kesko says that domestic agriculture would be threatened by the introduction of more international supermarket chains to the marketplace. And a new study says that people who sauna more often have decreased chances of heart related death.

Tabloid formaatti on vallannut tilaa vanhalta perinteiseltä broadsheetilta. Viimeksi tabloidiin siirtyi oululainen Kaleva 14.2.2015.

Monday's papers: Wolf hunt blocked, winter-spring weather questions, and a missing Danish man's 110 km mysterious journey

Possibly due to the winter holidays still being in full swing in much of the country, Monday's newspapers featured quite a few outdoor-related stories. Environmental groups have reportedly blocked the planned hunt of 24 wolves across the country that was planned to start today. The warm weather trend has meteorologists trying to figure out if Finland is really in for an early Spring this year. An intoxicated Danish man went missing in Lapland but was found in a village some 110 km away some eight hours later.

Lentokoneen siipi ilmassa.

Have to cancel your flight? Airlines steer clear of informing consumers about refunds

A leading lawyer at Finland’s consumer advocacy association says many airlines deliberately skirt refund payments associated with customer flight cancellations. Airline passengers are rarely correctly informed of their rights when they cancel flights and many aren’t aware that they are always legally entitled to a refund of several components of the ticket cost, including taxes, fuel surcharges and airport fees.