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Niinistö pledges to fight youth alienation

President-elect Sauli Niinistö Sunday pledged to establish a special task force aiming at preventing alienation among the young.

Sauli Niinistö vaalistudiossa haastateltavana
Image: YLE

Niinistö said that he wants every Finn to think about what can be done to prevent alienation. He also expressed concern about the problems of sparsely populated rural areas and how the whole of country can remain populated.

On the subject cooperation with the cabinet and Parliament, Niinistö stressed the significance of mutual understanding.

Emotional thanks

Speaking to supporters after his victory on Sunday evening, Niinisto gave an emotional speech in which he thanked not only those who backed him in the campaign, but also those who disagreed with him. He said that the differing views expressed should be taken into consideration in the work of the president.

Niinistö’s wife, Jenni Haukio, also expressed warm thanks to all who took part in the campaign.

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