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Operation Hunger Day begins

The Finnish Red Cross’ largest annual fundraising campaign kicks off on Thursday and runs through Saturday.

Nälkäpäivä-kerääjä lippaan kanssa.
Image: Kimmo Hiltula / Yle

The operation collects money for the organisation’s Disaster Relief Fund, which primarily helps victims of natural catastrophes and war, such as in Haiti and Libya. While most aid recipients are outside of Finland, the organisation also helps domestic accident victims. In 2010, some 500 Finns drew on the Disaster Relief Fund to cope with the aftermath of fires and floods.

At the moment the organisation has teams working to help civilians caught up in the conflict in Syria while also tackling the deadly cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Thursday launched the 32nd annual Hunger Day drive. In Finland’s largest cities volunteers can pick up collection tins at campaign centres without pre-registration.

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