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Monday's papers: Possible police reserve, Supercell wants more English daycare, weekend tragedies and narrow rescue

The papers on Monday featured news that Finland's Interior Minister says she wants to beef up the country's police forces by utilising up to 3,000 reservists. Mobile gaming giant Supercell says that to attract good workers from abroad, more English-language daycare centres are needed in the Helsinki region. Also, the papers report on two tragedies and a rescue over the weekend.

Ylioppilaskirjoitukset koulun jumppasalissa.

Incentive to boost first-time university enrolment backfires as 1/3 of graduates opt for gap year

Last year only 250 secondary-school graduates benefited from a new quota designed to reserve more university places for first-time applicants, and the scheme appears to have backfired as even more prospective students have elected to postpone their university careers. Over 40,000 upper secondary students will graduate this spring – and a recent survey suggests that one in three plans to take a year off before starting tertiary education.