Finnish police carrying out forced returns of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers


Charter flights arranged by the Finnish police have carried 1,500 rejected asylum seekers voluntarily back to Iraq since the turn of the year, while the International Organization of Migration (IOM) has assisted with 1,395 voluntary returns from Finland to Iraq in the same period. A representative of the Finnish police says individual forced returns to Iraq have also taken place for some who refuse to leave voluntarily, despite the absence of an agreement between the countries on repatriation.

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Juha Sipilä

Friday's papers: PM's email exchange, Soini 'threatened by suicide bomber,' Nokia-branded phones return

Newspapers on Friday provided further developments about email exchanges between Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and an Yle journalist regarding connections between government funding of a state-owned mining company and the PM's family business. Ilta-Sanomat reports that the Foreign Minister and a fellow Finns Party colleague were threatened by a man who later carried out a suicide bomb attack in Iraq. And if you've been longing to use an old-fashioned Nokia-branded candybar phone, you're in luck.

Pääministeri Juha Sipilä Terrafamen tehtaalla 14.11.2016

Parliamentary Ombudsman to decide whether PM faced conflict of interest over mine deal

The Parliamentary Ombudsman will examine whether Prime Minister Juha Sipilä should have recused himself from decisions on the state-owned Terrafame mine. The office of the Chancellor of Justice said that it had received more than 10 complaints about a possible conflict of interest on the PM’s part, given that a subcontractor firm owned by his family received a lucrative order from the state-owned company.

Olli Rehn

Economy Minister Rehn insists PM had no conflict of interest in mine deal

Outgoing Economic Affairs Minister Olli Rehn has come out in defence of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä following reports that an engineering company owned by the PM’s relatives won a lucrative contract from the taxpayer-funded Terrafame mine in eastern Finland. Rehn said he is "absolutely sure" that Sipilä had no knowledge that the company owned by his uncles and cousins had won a half-a-million-euro order from the former Talvivaara mine.


Friday's papers: Climate plans likely costly in Helsinki, Nordea cut off Russian clients, bird flu may have reached Åland

The newspapers of Finland on Friday reported about the government's newly-announced climate plans - one paper writes that the plans will pinch the pocketbooks of Helsinki residents. One paper reports that several personal and corporate bank accounts of Russian nationals were suddenly closed by Nordea Bank in South Karelia without much explanation. The H5N8 bird flu which has been spreading across Europe may have reached Finland's autonomous islands of Åland.