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Daily: New shipwreck found near Rauma

Divers in the southwest coastal town of Rauma have discovered a new shipwreck in local waters.

Hylyn ykstyiskohtia.
Divers in Rauma reported Tuesday that they had discovered a new shipwreck. The wreck in the image is not connected to the case. Image: Paavo Väisänen

The regional daily Länsi-Suomi reported Tuesday that local divers had discovered a new wreck in the waters of Rauma, southwest Finland.

Locals consider the find to be significant given that the coastal waters have so far been thoroughly investigated and existing wrecks well-documented.

For centuries Rauma was one of Finland’s most important port cities, and scores of wrecks are languishing on the seabed near the harbour.

A spokesman for the diving group lamented that a small group continues to plunder the city’s wrecks.

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