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Fur Trade Professionals: Zero Tolerance For Violations

The wholesaler Turkistuottajat Oyj-Finnish Fur Sales Thursday expressed surprise at videos broadcast showing abusive conditions at some Finnish fur farms. The company, which sells Finnish furs to the international market, says that long-term efforts have been made to improve the welfare of animals, and violations are not tolerated.

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Finnish Fur Sales began an independent action programme last year aimed at dealing with any fur farms shown or suspected to be involved in violations of animal welfare or environmental protection regulations.

Under the terms of the programme, representatives of the profession carry out immediate inspections of their own at any fur farm reported to be suspected of abuse. If violations are found, owners are given a short time to correct their practices before a joint inspection is carried out with a public municipal veterinarian.

If it is found that there are still violations, Finnish Fur Sales withdraws any financing for operations and will not accept furs from the farm for auction.

Finnish Fur Sales says it will be carrying out inspections of all the farms where animal rights activists shot the videos released on Wednesday.

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is ordering official inspections of all the farms, as well.

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