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Kristina Cruises lays off 150, sells ship

The Finnish cruise company Kristina Cruises has sold its vessel, the Kristina Katarina, and will make 147 workers redundant. The ship has been purchased by a group of international investors.

Kristina Katarina
Image: Juha Korhonen / Yle

The Kotka-based cruise company Kristina Cruises is to give up its vessel, the Katarina, and make 147 people redundant.

International investors took possession of the ship on Wednesday in Las Palmas, the Canary Islands. In future it will be owned by the FleetProOcean shipping company, which is based in Miami.

All Kristina Cruises holidays planned for 2014 have been cancelled. The company will now concentrate on running cruises on other firms’ ships, rather than owning and maintaining the vessels. That will leave around 20 people on the payroll, according to Managing Director Mikko Partanen.

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