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Metro services resume after accident

Services on Helsinki's Metro came to a halt for about an hour on Monday morning after one person was hit and killed by a train at the Itäkeskus station.

Metrovaunu saapumassa asemalle.
Image: Yle

One person died after being hit by a Metro train at the Itäkeskus station at around 8 AM on Monday morning.

All Metro services were suspended following they incident, but resumed soon after 9 AM.

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Before tougher policies, Finland ranked below European average for negative asylum decisions

Finland passed several measures in 2016 to make its asylum and family reunification policies stricter. In the year previous to this however, Finland's percentage of 43 percent negative asylum decisions places it near the centre in a pan-European comparison. Experts predict that the number of negative asylum decisions may jump to 60 percent in 2016. After the stricter policies came into effect in May 2016, for example, 77 percent of the applications processed in the month of June were rejected.

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