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Runaway Train Back on Track

A train car that crashed into a building at the Helsinki Railway Station was removed early Tuesday morning. On Monday, four runaway two-level Intercity train carriages separated from a train before crashing into platform 13 and a hotel at the station.

Onnettomuustutkijoita tarkastelemassa junaonnettomuuden vaurioita.
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The on-duty fire chief, Kalle Taipalinen, said the building withstood the removal work better than expected and is in no danger of collapsing.

Officials had feared structural damage to the building. They will continue to inspect the Holiday Inn hotel on Tuesday. Although the building is not in danger of collapsing, plenty of repairs are necessary before the space can be used again.

Taipalinen said wreckage under the wagon would be removed before the car would be pulled back onto the track and directed to the depot.

Workers wanted to support the building before the removal began. The fire chief had said there was a risk that the building's third floor could collapse when the carriage was removed.

Rescue officials said that Finnish State Railways VR is responsible for moving the train wagon. Representatives from the City of Helsinki’s Public Works Department, who approved the removal plan, were also on hand. The Rescue Department was present to ensure safety as well.

The carriages separated from a train and crashed into platform 13 early Monday. The 70-tonne vehicle travelled a further 10 metres before crashing into the wall of the Holiday Inn at the end of the platform. A train conductor who had been in the carriage sustained light injuries to his arm. No-one else was injured.

Some delays in train traffic

Platform 13 as well as two adjacent platforms remained closed.

Long-distance traffic is expected to run normally for the most part. However, some changes in commuter traffic on the Rantarata (coastal route) and Vantaankoskenrata lines are expected.

Y-train departures between Helsinki and Karjaa have been cancelled. To make up for this, long-distance trains on the Helsinki-Turku (Rantarata) line will make additional stops at the Siuntio and Inkoo stations. Three L-trains will depart from Kirkkonummi and will stop at all stations. Trains on the Vantaankoski track will depart at 20-minute intervals.

VR says it expects train traffic to resume normal schedules later on Tuesday. It has also been having technical problems with its platform announcement systems on Monday.

Runaway Train Carriages at Helsinki Railway Station

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