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Stubb: Finnish Participation in Libyan Operations Unlikely

Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb says that Finland’s participation in the military operation in Libya has been considered, but that Finland has not been asked for any contribution to the campaign.

Alexander Stubb puhuu tiedotusvälineille
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Stubb participated in a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, where Libya’s situation was discussed.

"It depends exactly on the type of requests that come, but I would strongly rule out the possibility that Finland would participate in the no-fly zone operation, for example through the Hornet fighter jets. If different requests do come, then we will calmly and sensibly consider them in the committee for foreign and security policy. It is not today's task," Stubb said.

Stubb pointed out that the Libyan operation is not directed by Nato.

“Nato’s Secretary General was not even invited to Paris, where the international community held a meeting yesterday," Stubb says. "The meeting was attended by the President and Foreign Minister of the EU, but no representative of Nato was present.”

Finland is not part of the alliance, but is a member of Nato's Partnership for Peace.

According to Stubb, Finland has not been asked to provide military assistance in the ongoing action against Libya. The use of EU’s Rapid Deployment Force has been considered, among other options, but no concrete proposals were on the table as yet.

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