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Video: Easter bonfires burn bright on Holy Saturday

According to Finnish tradition, Holy Saturday is a night of mischief and mayhem caused by trolls and witches. Bonfires are the traditional way to hold them at bay.

Video: pääsiäskokko

Among other locations, Easter bonfires were burned on Saturday at Helsinki’s Seurasaari outdoor museum, offering a holiday diversion for families. The tradition is rooted in the Ostrobothnia region of Western Finland.

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Finnish police carrying out forced returns of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers

Charter flights arranged by the Finnish police have carried 1,500 rejected asylum seekers voluntarily back to Iraq since the turn of the year, while the International Organization of Migration (IOM) has assisted with 1,395 voluntary returns from Finland to Iraq in the same period. A representative of the Finnish police says individual forced returns to Iraq have also taken place for some who refuse to leave voluntarily, despite the absence of an agreement between the countries on repatriation.

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