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Parties finalise candidate line-ups for municipals

The race for the October municipal elections is on, as political groups finalise their election line-ups.

Vaalilipuke, kuntavaalit 2008
Voting in the 2008 municipal election. Image: Yle

Tuesday is the last day for parties to nominate candidates for the local government poll. Nearly 10,000 municipal seats are up for grabs in the election, which takes place on October 28.

Political parties are expected to hand in their final candidate lists by 4pm Tuesday afternoon.

The Justice Ministry will provide updates on the election, including voting results on its website in English.

Information about the candidates standing for municipal seats will be available by the evening of September 27, according to ministry official Jussi Aaltonen.

This year, municipal mergers have complicated the search for candidates as prospective councillors are reluctant to stand in the newly-merged constituencies.

Political analysts and pre-election polls have predicted that the populist Finns Party will outshine its rivals by making the largest gains.

A poll conducted by Yle in early September showed the party was set to triple its election support from the 2008 municipal election.

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