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Police: Victims Were Shooter's Classmates; One In Stable Condition

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) spokesperson Tuula Kyrén says that police believe that the victims in Tuesday's shooting at Kauhajoki were either classmates of the assailant or in the same year of studies at the vocational school he attended in Kauhajoki. As of late Wednesday morning, police had not released the names of the killed and wounded. It had been reported previously that one of the victims was a teacher at the school. A final determination of the cause of death of the victims will be made after a forensic autopsy. It is not yet known if all of the victims died from gunshot wounds or if some died as a result of the fires set by the assailent in the building. Chief Investigator Jari Neulaniemi said Tuesday evening that the police had no indications that the gunman had any accomplices. According to the NBI, the investigation has not yet looked into whether or not the videos that the gunman posted of himself with his weapon on Youtube were recorded by another person. Police have set up a hotline for tips related to the investigation. The number is 046 641 0354. Injured woman in stable condition A young woman wounded in Tuesday's shooting underwent surgery during the night and is in stable condition, according to Matti Lehto, the administrative chief physician at Tampere University Hospital. She is conscious and out of immediate danger. The other wounded have been treated and released. Ten people were also treated for minor injuries, such as sprains and cuts from broken glass at the Kauhajoki healthcare centre on Tuesday. Identification of remains

The remains of the victims of the Kauhajoki shooting were brought to the capital during the night for identification at the University of Helsinki's Department of Forensic Medicine.

Preliminary investigations were carried out in Kauhajoki, but did not provide for positive identification.

According to NBI Chief Commissioner Göran Wennqvist, the duration of the identification process depends on the nature of the wounds sustained and how badly burned they were in the fire which accompanied the shooting spree. He said that the identity of all of the victims may not be known until Thursday.

As of late Wednesday morning, one of the victims had been identified.

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