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Prime Minister Katainen defends Nordic values at scout jamboree

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen visited a world scout jamboree held in southern Sweden along with his counterparts from Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Denmark’s Lars Lökke Rasmussen. The purpose of Saturday’s visit was to give support to international youth co-operation and activity following the Norwegian tragedy.

Jyrki Katainen keskustelee partiolaisten kanssa
Image: YLE

The three leaders met with Nordic scouts at the site near Kristianstad. The world jamboree is being attended by over 39,000 scouts from around the world. Some 1,400 Finnish scouts are also attending the event, which ends on Sunday

A joint declaration was issued by the three men defending Nordic values and containing a commitment to the welfare state. In their view, the Norwegian terrorist attack was an assault on these values.

“The Nordic countries are among the world’s most open and free nations. Democracy including the freedom of speech and right of expression are at the heart of our society. The Nordic nations express solidarity with the rest of the world, we share our wealth and open our doors to people who flee oppression,” wrote Prime Ministers Katainen, Reinfeldt and Rasmussen.

The premiers also listed issues that needed particular attention in the future. Top of the list was the need to give support for young people to take part in the development of society. For this reason, they were visiting the scout camp.

They also said a reassessment must be made as to the availability and possession of guns and explosives. Social work should be strengthened in order to prevent people falling into the clutches of extremist movements. International police co-operation must also be refined, they added.

In addition, the prime ministers stressed that everyone was responsible for mutual tolerance and for the care of each other.

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