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Stubb under fire for behaviour at Nordic Council meeting

European Affairs Minister Alexander Stubb raised eyebrows at a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in Copenhagen on Wednesday. Members of the Finnish delegation were upset by Stubb's behaviour at the meeting, which they said showed open disinterest.

Alexander Stubb
Alexander Stubb Image: Nicolas Bouvy / EPA

SDP parliamentarian Maarit Feldt-Ranta said his public displays of disdain were also noted by other Nordic representatives.

“With his body language and words, our minister communicated that Nordic matters do not rate highly on his agenda,” said Feldt-Ranta, who served as deputy chair of the Finnish delegation.

Stubb meanwhile chalked it all up to a misunderstanding and said his fatigue may have led to the poor impression.

“Yesterday’s conference was good. Just as I love the EU I also love Nordic cooperation—this is really exciting, important and fun,” Stubb told YLE.

Some observers said Stubb cursed during the meeting, calling it “shit” among other things.

“It’s clear that one should not swear, especially not in earshot of others. If this happened, I’m deeply sorry,” said Stubb.

Finland holds the 2011 Nordic Council chairmanship. According to Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, discussions centred on the current situation in North Africa and Palestine, and particularly on women’s rights in those areas.

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