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Thousands watch Via Crucis in Helsinki

The traditional Via Crucis, or ’Way of the Cross’ play was shown in various localities this year. In Helsinki the play ended on the steps of the Cathedral in the Senate Square after a procession through the centre of the city.

Via Crucis -näytelmän harjoitukset Tuomiokirkon portailla.
Via Crucis -näytelmän harjoitukset Tuomiokirkon portailla 5. huhtikuuta. Image: Yle

The show’s producer, Leena Erähalme, estimated the crowd at around 14,000 people, though police put the audience at a couple of thousand people. The traditional Easter show was organised for the 17th time in Helsinki this year.

In addition to the capital, Porvoo and Liminka both produced their own versions of the procession depicting the final hours of Jesus' life leading up to his crucifiction.

The Helsinki production was directed for the second time in a row by Mikko Lammi.

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