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Urpilainen: A budget for employment and justice

Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen defended the government’s budget in parliament on Tuesday. She said the budget would return government finances to health and actively promote growth.

Jutta Urpilainen puhuu eduskunnalle valtion vuoden 2013 budjetista.
Valtiovarainministeri Jutta Urpilainen puhui eduskunnalle valtion vuoden 2013 budjetista 18. syyskuuta. Image: Yle

’This is a budget for employment and justice,’ Urpilainen told MPs.

Urpilainen explained that the government plans to introduce a so-called ’solidaritytax’ on high earners, and to tighten inheritance taxes. The minister added that the whole package is testament to the government’s belief in societal cohesion.

The government’s budget is based on economic growth of one percent and good employment figures. In percentage terms, that means the government is predicting an unemployment rate of 7.6 percent next year.

Opposition parties roundly criticised the government’s proposals. The Finns party complained that measures to stimulate growth were insufficient, while the Centre party expressed doubts that planned municipal mergers will produce the savings claimed by ministers.

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