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Verdict awaited in massive drug contraband case

The Helsinki District Court will give its verdict in the case of illegal imports of a record amount of the drug GBL/GHB on Tuesday. The Finnish Customs seized the biggest ever haul of the drug—over 800 litres, which means a street value of about one million euros—at the end of April.

Tynnyreitä talon seinustalla.
Tullin rikostutkijat löysivät useita lakkahuumetta sisältäneitä tynnyreitä varsinais-suomalaisen kesämökin pihalta. Image: Tulli

Ten people are facing charges in connection with the contraband operation. Their suspected crimes include smuggling, drug crimes and illegal imports of goods.

The prosecutor has called for an unconditional prison sentence for the ringleaders, suspended prison sentences for six of the accused and a fine for another one of the accused. According to the prosecution, the suspects should also give up the financial gains acquired through the crime to the state.

The use of GBL, known as lakka in Finland, is not a punishable offense, since it is considered a medicinal substance. However, to import, sell, distribute, prepare and store it under the cover of medical legislation is a criminal offense. The sentences in the case will be less stiff than they would have been if GBL were classified as a narcotic in Finland.

Customs Nab Record Drug Haul

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