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Watch: National Bureau of Investigation probes 400,000-euro crime spree

Police are getting to the bottom of a series of crimes in which bandits made off with spoils worth some 400,000 euros. According to the National Bureau of Investigation, the criminal gang behind the spate of thefts appears to have mastered the elements of logistics.

Video: KRP:n videokuvasta.
Investigators believe that the group of burglars is Estonian and committed a spate of crimes between spring and autumn last year.

The National Bureau of Investigation and the western Uusimaa police department are investigating a series of major thefts committed in southern Finland during 2015.

Investigators believe that the group of burglars is Estonian and committed the crimes between spring and autumn last year.

The thieves targeted high-value items such as motor bikes and trucks. They are thought to have stolen industrial copper pipes from business premises in Vantaa. The pipes eventually found their way into the possession of a Helsinki-based company.

Yle obtained security camera footage of a group of seven men making off with the copper pipes. However police believe that a total of 16 people are involved in the spate of crime.

The items stolen by the gang are believed to be valued at roughly 400,000 euros.

Following the conclusion of a preliminary enquiry the case will be referred for consideration of charges by district prosecutors in Salpausselkä.

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