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Yle to begin online streams of all TV channels

The Finnish Broadcasting Company hopes to make all four of its TV channels available online for domestic viewers by the end of this year.

Yle Areena offerings
Yle already offers many programmes online via its Areena service, some of them viewable outside Finland. Image: Yle

Yle's Director of Media, Ismo Silvo, says there are still many copyright issues to be resolved, though. And, at least at first, the picture quality of the live channel streams will not match that of standard digital TVs, he said.

The Swedish public broadcaster SVT announced earlier on Tuesday that it will begin streaming all its television channels live online within Sweden next month.

Silvo stressed that Yle has no plans to give up on traditional terrestrial antenna broadcasts, noting that not all parts of the country have access to high-speed internet.

As of this year, the public broadcaster is being funded by a national tax rather than TV license fees.

Yle's seven Finnish, Swedish and Sámi-language radio channels already stream live over the web, along with the online-only classical and archive-programme channels.

The foreign-language channel Yle Mondo is so far only available via FM receivers and digital TV set-top boxes.

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