Yle Strategy: Yle for all

Strategic goals

1. Yle serves all Finns

  1. Our content is relevant to all Finns regardless of age, gender, place of residence, background or situation of life.
  2. We create diverse culture in an open way, through interaction with Finns.
  3. Our content is easy to find in a multi-channel world.

2. Yle provides value to society

  1. Finns appreciate Yle and deem it improtant to society.
  2. We create an opportunity for everyone to participate in communication and interaction in a digital age.
  3. We promote the vitality of the creative sector and our goal is that it is easy for partners to cooperate with us.

3. Yle has the media sector's best competence

  1. We have the best people and partners.
  2. We boldly renew our operations.
  3. We operate in a transparent, effective way.

Photo: Kaapo Kamu

Yle's mission, vision and values

Yle strengthens Finnish society and culture by providing everyone with information, education, insights and experiences.

We provide a world-class public service.

Reliability, independence, and respect for everyone.