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New bus routes in Espoo could bring relief to commuters

After heavy criticism from commuters over the introduction of the Helsinki metro extension into Espoo, transport bosses have proposed six new bus routes.

Matinkylän bussiterminaali, Espoo
Image: Antti Haanpää / Yle

HSL announced on Wednesday that it is proposing to introduce new bus routes in southern Espoo to an effort to improve commuter services.

After the introduction of Metro’s Western extension in November, many of the bus routes between Espoo and Helsinki were slashed.

Following angry feedback from people whose commute into the city has lengthened, the HSL now proposes six improvements to the current bus routes in Espoo:

  • a new route Haukilahti-Westend-Lauttasaari operating on weekdays
  • a new route Kivenlahti-Kehä II-Leppävaara operating during rush hour
  • a new route Latokaski-Tapiola-Meilahti or continuing the route 125B to Latokaski, operating during rush hour
  • splitting route 158 into two towards the end of the route in Espoo
  • adding an extra bus on route 543 for school transportation
  • possibly adding more buses on route 164 to Saunalahti to travel on the highway during rush hour

“We estimate that these six enhancements together with the changes to the bus schedules that are currently being sorted out will improve the situation considerably,” says Tero Anttila from HSL.

The suggested additions to the bus service would cost up to 3 million euros per year, according to the agency.

The Espoo city council is expected discuss the proposals next week.

Sources: Yle

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