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Finnish Foreign Minister to again join US prayer breakfast

Finland's Foreign Minister Timo Soini will speak on behalf of the Arctic Council and Finn Church Aid in the US next week. He also plans to join the National Prayer Breakfast during his visit.

Timo Soini in Brussels, January 2018 Image: Anniina Luotonen / Lehtikuva

Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini will again participate in the National Prayer Breakfast organised by the US Congress and hosted by the US President on his visit to the US this coming week.

Soini will be in the US from Monday to Friday, during which time he will speak at an Arctic-themed event organised by the Center for International and Strategic Studies , an intergovernmental forum currently chaired by Finland, and address a gathering of cooperative partners of Finland's largest humanitarian assistance organisation, Finn Church Aid.

This is the third time that Soini, a practicing Catholic, will be attending the prayer breakfast. The first time he joined in, Barack Obama was the US President, and Soini wrote about the experience in his blog.

Edit: Updated at 1.26 pm on 5 February to indicate that Foreign Minister Timo Soini will speak at an Arctic-themed event and not at the Arctic Council as previously reported.

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