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Korean talks wrap up in Finland

A meeting of North Korean, South Korean and US representatives looking at approaches to building confidence on the Korean Peninsula wrapped up just outside Helsinki on Wednesday.

Ulkoministeriön osastopäällikkö Kimmo Lähdevirta luki paperista tiedotteen Korea-neuvottelujen päätteeksi.
Kimmo Lähdevirta of the Finnish Foreign Ministry reading a prepared statement to the press in Vantaa on Wednesday. Image: Risto Mattila / Yle

The secretive two-day international gathering at the Königstedt Manor in Vantaa brought together 18 participants at the meeting, six each from North Korea, South Korea and the United States. Observers from the United Nations and Europe were also in attendance.

Following the end of talks on Wednesday, the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry's Department for Asian and American Affairs, Kimmo Lähdevirta, read a prepared statement to the media on behalf of the participants, but declined questions.

The statement described the meeting as "one of a series of academic sessions over many years that have explored approaches to building confidence and reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula".

It also said that the gathering had been planned well in advance of recent promising developments related to the Korean situation.

In the statement the meeting was characterised as "a constructive exchange of views in a positive atmosphere".

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