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Finland appoints new hybrid threat ambassador

The duties associated with the Finnish Foreign Ministry's new hybrid threat ambassador position include countering threats targeting information networks.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry in Katajanokka, Helsinki. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has announced the appointment of the country’s first hybrid threat ambassador. In a release issued Friday, the ministry said that foreign affairs counsellor Mikko Kinnunen had been named to the position.

The purpose of the new ambassador is to strengthen the ministry’s work in the area of hybrid threats and to help enhance Finland’s profile in the international arena. The role also seeks to advance efforts to identify and counteract hybrid influences. The ambassador will also cooperate closely with different officials in Finland, the ministry said in a release.

Mikko Kinnunen, hybridisuurlähettiläs, ulkoministeriö Image: Ulkoministeriö

Last year, Foreign Minister Timo Soini spoke of the decision to establish the new role.

Kinnunen will leave his current position as the ministry’s security policy and crisis management unit chief to take up take up his official duties as hybrid threat ambassador.

The Foreign Ministry has had a cyber threat ambassador since 2014. Duties include countering threats targeting information networks.

Major cyber threats include large-scale attacks against key infrastructure such as power and banking systems.

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