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Finnish postal fees edging upward

The cost of sending cards and letters in Finland is set to rise next month.

Posti says that hand-processing of letters is pricey. Image: Juha Kivioja / Yle
Wif Stenger

The Finnish postal service is hiking postal fees in early May. Posti announced on Wednesday that a stamp for a postcard or standard domestic letter will rise by 10 cents to 1.50 euros.

The cost sending a letter weighing between 50 and 100 grams within Finland will rise by 20 cents – as will that for any foreign envelope up to 20 grams.

The so-called ‘Maxi letter’ classes for foreign mailings will be combined, with the cheaper Economy class disappearing altogether.

However standard no-value ‘eternal’ stamps bought before May 4 at the current rate of 1.40 euros will still be valid after that date, when rates rise.

Manual processing costly, says Posti

In a press release, Posti points out that its operations are not are not funded by tax revenues.

“Posti is enhancing its operations in many ways to cut costs, but the processing of universal service letters is more expensive due to the manual work involved," says Laura Luoma, Posti's head of consumer services.

Fees for address changes and mail forwarding services will edge upward in early June – but those who want their post sent to a summer address can still arrange it at the old rate through late May.

The Posti Group (formerly known as Itella) is a state-owned company that traces its roots back to 1638.

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