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Last of the snow melts in Finland – a month ahead of schedule

The warm and sunny weather has melted the last remnants of snow on Finnish soil, something that normally doesn't happen until mid-June.

Ilmakuva Kittilän tulvista.
Aerial photo of Kittilä Image: Yle
Yle News

The Finnish Meteorological Institutes reports that it expects the last snow in Finland to melt on Sunday.

Measurement stations throughout the country have seen the white stuff disappear, and now the last bit of snow in the popular ski resort municipality of Kittilä in Finnish Lapland is expected to make its exit before the evening arrives. Just one month ago there was still over a metre of snow that had accumulated there.

Finland's snow has melted far ahead of schedule this year, thanks to the warm temperatures and sunshine Finland has enjoyed in May.

For the last several decades, the last pockets of snow in the north have only melted away in mid-June.

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