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Wednesday's papers: Violent passenger, solar panel rental and tips for mosquito season

Today's papers inform readers about the removal of an aggressive air traveller, solar panels for rent and an easy method to reduce mosquito bites.

July and August are peak season for mosquitoes Image: AOP
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Tabloid Iltalehti reports that an airplane heading to Helsinki was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Paris on Monday evening to remove a violent passenger.

The Norwegian-operated flight from Malaga, Spain had been in the air for about an hour when a severely drunk Finnish man in his thirties started to verbally abuse the flight attendants and threaten other passengers, according to an eye witness.

“Fortunately there were sturdy young men on the plane who were able to restrain the man and handcuff him,” the eye witness said.

“He was taken to the back of the plane, but continued to behave so aggressively that the plane had to make a stopover in Paris,” she added.

Iltalehti reports it took five policemen at the Orly airport to carry the man out of the aircraft. The flight was delayed by two hours due to the stopover and landed in Helsinki around 2.30 am on Tuesday, the paper reports.

Solar panels for rent

In other news, daily Aamulehti features a story on solar panel rentals.

According to the paper, a Tampere-based electricity supplier offers its customers solar panels for rent, with a monthly cost of 4.20 euros each. The estimated profit of 0.70 euros per month will be deducted from their energy bill.

The panels in Tarastenjärvi solar park will be assigned to each customer, enabling them to track the amount of electricity their panel generates in real time.

Christian Geiger from Tampereen Sähkölaitos said the rental panels largely have just a symbolic meaning.

“There is no financial gain to be had here. Rather, renting a panel is an investment in environment and a cleaner future.”

Initially, the firm offers 480 rental panels in its Tarastenjärvi park. However when completed, the park will contain 1,200 rental solar panels.

On average, a single solar panel generates 230 kWh of energy per year – enough electricity to wash 230 loads of laundry, Aamulehti says.

Mosquito repellents

With Finland’s mosquito season peaking in July and August, tabloid Ilta-Sanomat tells readers that abstaining from alcohol may help keep the pesky insects away.

Interviewed by the paper, entomologist Lena Huldén says mosquitoes are attracted to odours released by the human body, such as perspiration. In turn, alcohol strengthens the particles created in the process of sweating.

“Also, when people are drunk they start to behave differently. They may not be as aware of the mosquitoes and fail to wave them away,” Hulden says.

According to an unofficial test conducted by Ilta-Sanomat, drinking one beer after the sauna did not make a difference though. The mosquitoes were as eager to bite before and after the drink, the test person said.

Ilta-Sanomat also tried out another method of repelling mosquitoes: The reporter made a trap by wrapping a pantyhose around a table fan.

The concoction turned out to be ineffective in reducing the insect population in the area however, with only one mosquito sucked in the pantyhose tunnel over a two-hour period, the paper said.

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