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1 in 10 young Finnish families food insecure

In addition to sleepless nights, 10 percent of new parents in Finland say they don't have enough money to stock the refrigerator, finds a fresh poll.

One tenth of children in Finland live in food-insecure households. Image: AOP
Yle News

More than a tenth of new parents responding to a pilot survey (siirryt toiseen palveluun) by Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) say they have feared running out of food because they couldn’t afford a trip to the grocery store.

Around half of those interviewed in person and via written survey gauged their financial situation as poor or moderate. Reija Klemetti, a research director at the THL, says she’s not surprised by the results.

”It’s a big number and a situation that strongly correlates to parents’ educational attainment level,” she explains.

Criticising cuts to services for young families, Klemetti told Yle that ”young families shouldn’t have to waste their energy on worrying about money.”

The THL's wellbeing survey targeted 650 families with young children, drawing a response rate of 54 percent. The health watchdog notes that the sample size is not large enough for drawing broad conclusions.

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