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1,000-euro bounty offered to catch wolf poacher

A wildlife conservation group is offering a 1,000-euro reward to help catch a hunter who illegally killed a wolf in the southwestern town of Nakkila last week.

Susi talvisessa maisemassa
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A wolf conservation group is offering 1,000 euros for information leading to the arrest of a poacher who killed a wolf in Nakkila. The association, Suomen Susi, said it has already received a few tips concerning the wolf, which was shot dead in the southwestern town last weekend.

“We have forwarded the tips to the police,” Carina Lintula, the group’s chair, said.

The wolf had been killed with a single bullet before the start of the hunting season. Lintula is confident that someone in the area knows the culprit because hunting circles are small. However, hunters are also very loyal to each other, she added.

”It’s not easy to rat on a buddy and keep on living in the same town,” Lintula said.

It's likely this code of silence that has undermined the success of previous similar campaigns by Suomen Susi - including one in eastern Finland in 2015 after an entire pack of wolves disappeared.

“Nonetheless, we will continue to offer rewards,” Lintula said. “[The campaigns] also serve as a message to young hunters that poaching is not right.”

The illicitly-culled wolf belonged to a four-member pack, which was photographed by a game camera at the Lintujärvi feeding area last week.

Detective Inspector Minna Vuori said the Southwestern Finland Police have received several tips concerning the dead wolf, but none have led to new leads in the investigation.

“The carcass has been sent to the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira), which will take several weeks to examine it,” Vuori says.

Police are investigating the case as an aggravated hunting offence.

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