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Finnish Unicef's Black Friday campaign breaks records

Residents in Finland donated a record-breaking 200,000 euros in one day to Unicef's Black Friday campaign for children suffering from the crisis in Yemen.

Image: Yahya Arhab / EPA
Yle News

Finnish Unicef's Black Friday fundraising campaign (siirryt toiseen palveluun) for children suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Yemen netted a record-breaking 200,000 euros in just over 24 hours, according to the organisation.

Unicef Finland said it was the first time it had solicited donations on Facebook. The non-profit's social media campaign attracted 150,000 euros, or three-quarters of the total sum.

"It's a record-breaking amount -- especially as this wasn't related to a sudden environmental disaster resonating with Finns. We are not used to receiving large contributions in such a short time," Unicef spokeswoman Kirsi Haru told Yle.

She explained that 100,000 euros would cover 294,118 packets of peanut paste -- enough to treat 6,667 malnourished children in a country where some 400,000 children face starvation.

While Finnish Unicef's strategy to leverage social media clearly helped boost donations, Haru said people were primarily moved by the plight of children in war-torn Yemen.

"Every social media drive won't end as well. The cause has to inspire people - life is black for children in Yemen every Friday and every day," she added.

This week Finland announced it was suspending arms export licences to Saudi Arabia, and the UAE over the conflict in Yemen.

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