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Summer-themed Finnish stamp voted world's best

The award-winning Finnish stamp shows a reflection of islands and clouds on a sunny day in the archipelago.

The winning stamp "Calm and Tranquil" was designed by Stiina Hovi. Image: Jari Hakala, Stiina Hovi / Posti

A Finnish stamp depicting a summer scene in the Turku archipelago has won first prize in Best Stamps of the World competition in Spain.

The jury of the International Nexofil Awards said the stamp "represents the calm and tranquility of Finnish nature". The stamp named "Calm and Tranquil" was designed by Stiina Hovi and is based on Jari Hakala's a photograph "Archipelago Clouds" taken in Nagu (Nauvo) in southwest Finland.

Finns rated it the most beautiful stamp of 2017 in a contest organised by Posti last year.

In all, the international jury, which included philatelists from 37 countries, awarded prizes in 10 categories. The prize for the best original shape went to an Austrian stamp contoured like an oak and made of the tree's veneer. Meanwhile, New Zealand won the award for the most innovative stamp. Its “Grow your own – Sustainable: Carrots” stamp includes carrot seeds for planting.

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